With #ruby-pro I want to:

Provide a place for undisturbed discussion of advanced ruby topics
The channel is permanently moderated (only users with voice) permanently. This makes it impossible for help vampires to degrade the quality of the channel. It help to keep the signal-noise high low.
Create a channel where people new to ruby can learn by observing
But people with experience talking about a topic are a great resource for less experienced users. Simply by reading conversations and see how solutions to problems are formed and implemented in code can help to learn new patterns or even be inspiring. For this reason the channel is still public.
Establish a network of people who can aid ruby, its libs and documentation
Most often you will find that those with the most experience also suffer the most under flaws in a language, a library or a framework. Given the available expertise it would be incredible to leverage that knowledge and improve ruby where possible. For one alone such a task can be too much, but with the support of a whole channel full of experts backing one up, it becomes a lot easier.
Have an active and interactive source of news
Everybody only has so and so much time to spare to explore new ways, new tools, how to best use them, compare them etc. Yet new tools and new ways can be very important to the coders everyday life. Here too leveraging the common knowledge of experienced users would be for the benefit of all. To this avail we frequently hold gatherings, where a few pros demo frameworks, libraries, tools and/or ways to code.