Channel Rules

All of the following rules are experimental and subject to change.
Generally the punishing rules aim to have no need to be applied as long as people use their common sense and behaving respectfully to everybody when communicating.
Also be aware that these rules are mere guides. They don't imply any guarantees.
In all mentionings of votes, it is implied that only users with voice have a counting vote.

Gaining voice - Vouch
To gain voice you need at least one person who vouches for you. Should it indeed happen that somebody is against you gaining voice in #ruby-pro, then you will need a 2:1 majority of people who vouche for you versus people who are against you gaining voice.
Gaining voice - Help
Go help people. Helpful people are pros.
Gaining voice - Host Gathering-topic
You can suggest a topic for the next gathering. If it is accepted and you host it, you'll get voice.
Losing voice
If you want that somebody loses voice, you have to get a 2:1 majority in a vote. An alternative way of losing voice is acting against the channel-policy, such as the use of ad-hominem attacks.
Kicks and Bans
You can be kicked if an argument gets out of hand and becomes personal. This is meant to help the involved parties to cool off before any bridges catch fire and get burnt. Use of ad-hominem attacks will result in a 24-120h ban.